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November 01, 2016 | Blog Articles

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Facebook’s contributions to packet optical switching today establishes yet another beacon for where networking is heading. This is huge news for the industry and the open community driving these innovations. We’re thrilled to be on this journey with the Facebook crew — especially the optical network team — and the broader community. And we’re humbled to be the only network software stack running on Voyager and see tremendous opportunities ahead, just as with Wedge.

Facebook makes its position clear: an open approach to development allows for faster time to market and a lower barrier of entry for new technologies, ultimately helping us move more quickly toward a more open and connected world.

We at SnapRoute fully support Facebook’s views. In fact we see it playing out in the market. While we are at the early part of this journey, we have decades of experience operating the world’s most complex and critical networks which have increasingly arrived at the same general architectural best practices in the how a network is designed and operated. These networks are built using a disaggregated model that commoditizes hardware and uses a network operating system that is fully visible to the operator, fully accessible for APIs to control every function, and completely modular so that operators can install and update only what is necessary for the infrastructure to run – removing the risk of unnecessary, unstable network software bloat that plagues vendor networks and acts as ticking time bombs for the operator to diffuse. This architectural recipe is at the core of our approach at SnapRoute, and is the reason SnapRoute is unequivocally the most stable and reliable network OS in the market today. Facebook’s announcement today further confirms that fact.

By disaggregating hardware and software, and delivering a completely accessible network OS that the operator can see and control, FlexSwitch is opening up the door to deliver a fundamentally more reliable model for networking – and as we have seen today, that model extends well beyond the data center.

We’ll be presenting tomorrow at Facebook’s first Telecom Infra Project Summit on how we achieved this software first with Facebook. In the meantime, we’re humbled by such a tremendous reception by the community.

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