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Building the Network We Want

SnapRoute was formed by a team of network operators who built and ran some of the most complex and critical networks for the world’s most visible brands. These have included helping literally every Fortune 20 company build their networks and working to build Apple’s hyperscale networks from the ground up to support highly visible products such as Siri, iMessage, and iCloud—networks that never go down. This operational experience, and the pains along the way, revealed deep foundational flaws in a decades-old legacy approach to networking. At SnapRoute, we work tirelessly to address these deficiencies.

As operators, we had little, if any, actual control of the networking equipment we were responsible for. Tight vendor controls, limited visibility of our gear, and a bloated bundle of vendor code put our networks at risk and completely out of our control. Even more alarming was how brittle and co-dependent the networks had become, routinely requiring us to respond at 3am for the most routine tasks. For us, the solution was simple—give the operator control and visibility of everything, reveal and streamline the code, and make the network work for the business.

Operators Building the Network

Jon Shalowitz

Jon Shalowitz


Jon brings a wealth of experience in building innovative, fast-growth companies.  Jon has deep roots in networking and security products, having held senior management positions at leading technology innovators, such as 3Com and NetScreen/Juniper.  Most recently, he was CEO of Badgeville, an Enterprise SaaS company that analyzed and optimized over 1 billion consumer actions per month for leading brands. 

Jon holds an MBA from Stanford University and an A.B. in Public Policy from Duke University



Adam Casella

Adam Casella

Founding Engineer

Prior to SnapRoute, Adam set technical direction for the hyper-scale data centers at Apple. He led the design team for creating highly resilient and massively scalable CLOS-based data center networks used by next generation storage and computing applications. Adam was previously a lead engineer at Cisco Systems TAC for Data Center Switching products gaining a deep understanding of silicon pipelines and architecture. He obtained a BS in Network and Systems Administration at the Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Glenn Sullivan

Glenn Sullivan

Director, Customer Experience and Co-Founder

Prior to SnapRoute, Glenn led the Network Software Development team at Apple. This group is responsible for the software that manages and controls the disaggregated switching environments at Apple - empowering new network designs to reap the benefits of automation and autonomic operations. Before Apple, Glenn led the LAN Switching team in Cisco's TAC, where he shaped product design via customer interaction at all levels of the stack. He received a BS in Networking and Systems Administration from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Developing an Operational Mindset

At SnapRoute, we’re continually looking for talented engineers, operators and industry professionals to inform and develop our product and community. Unique to our approach is a process which emphasizes a strong connection between the people who develop our product and the people who use it. This approach is core to what we do.

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