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What is FlexSwitch?

FlexSwitch is the most reliable and operationally sound network stack available today. The FlexSwitch NOS is currently running in some of the world’s most demanding networks with the same architectural model that has been proven by Facebook, Amazon, and others. SnapRoute has taken an open approach to networking and built FlexSwitch from the ground up - allowing every component of the network stack to be fully visible to the operator, fully accessible for APIs, and completely modular so that operators can continuously install or update only what is necessary for the infrastructure to run without impact or risk to the business. 

Far More Than a Network OS

Access and Visibility

A deeper view of the network than was ever possible under incumbent vendor restrictions - allowing problems to be diagnosed and repaired even before they happen.

Control and Programmability

Programmable controls that reach every part of the network - down to the hardware ASIC - placing the operator in full control of the network and extending APIs to automate any or every network function.

Choice and Flexibility

Complete hardware abstraction enabling a network OS that runs on any bare metal hardware - allowing organizations to make their best economic and operational decisions.

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A Few Words From Our New CEO

Meet Our New CEO

A few words from our new CEO Dominic Wilde and what it is about SnapRoute that made him excited to join.

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Removing the Bloat

A typical piece of networking gear is burdened with more than 30 million lines of code - all completely obscured in a binary. 80% of it is completely unnecessary in the average environment, and represents significant risk exposure for the network. Think about it, what use is a campus wireless protocol on a data center top of rack switch?

FlexSwitch is a completely modular network OS. This means that organizations can choose to use only what is necessary for the network and nothing else - eliminating excess risk and exposure. This also means that when an update is required, the operator doesn’t need to take down an entire switch to update a patch - saving a ton of time and headaches for everyone involved.

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Beyond the Basics

Multiple methods for interacting with the network ensure that organizations are able to get the maximum use out of their investments.

Because everything is accessible through an API, operators and developers are able to use whatever method they're most comfortable with for managing the network, including CLI, JSON, or more advanced tools like Grafana, Ansible, Puppet, or Chef.



Other Tools

Other Tools

The Benefits

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For the Business:

Application continuity and uptime

Obscuring components of the network from operational teams is extremely limiting to the team’s ability to quickly identify problems or correlate anomalies in the network.  FlexSwitch removes the obscurity in both hardware and software and allows complete visibility to everything in the network. The result is a network that runs with dramatically better reliability, monitoring tools that have access to more corollary data, and better overall uptime for the business.

For the Operator:

Unrestricted troubleshooting

Today’s vendor-defined networks obscure and restrict visibility of some of the most essential components of the network software in a binary, making it nearly impossible to identify or correlate network problems. FlexSwitch pulls back that curtain and gives access through a standard set of APIs - enabling operators to quickly correlate network anomalies and identify problems in the network before they manifest.

For the Business:

Operational Alignment

Network complexities and manual processes account for significant delays in the delivery of network services and are at the center of IT organizational tensions. FlexSwitch exposes every single component in the network through APIs that are accessible across the organization - from developers to network operators and security - for monitoring application performance, automating remediation of errors, and delivering a network that responds to the needs of the business.

For the Operator:

Fewer sleepless nights

There is no reason a network should be so brittle and unstable that it routinely demands an operator’s attention at 3am.
FlexSwitch allows routine or predictable problems to self-remediate to a good enough state that they can be addressed after a morning cup of coffee.

For the Business:

Vendor Independence

Stop paying a vendor tax of 60+% margins for risk-prone equipment controlled by the vendor. FlexSwitch allows your business to purchase hardware and software that makes economic sense, and streamline your software code to reduce risk exposure. Businesses can easily change hardware vendors in the future, or at any time, to optimize CapEx - dramatically reducing costs and risk to the business.

For the Operator:

Infrastructure Control

For decades, operators have been forced to make architectural, security, and even career decisions based on a limited set of options that were decided for them by their vendors. FlexSwitch levels that playing field by putting hardware and software decisions back in the hands of those who own the network. FlexSwitch’s modular approach to a network stack means that operators can pick and choose only those protocols they view as necessary and run them on top of interchangeable open hardware - without a risk to the network or their career. 

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